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  • Brownie Shake

  • Cream n Cookies

  • Fanastic Fudge

  • Fully Loaded

  • Rockin’ Strawberry

Brownie Shake

A sinful Shake made with Vanilla Ice Cream, dark chocolate fudge and chocolate brownie with a trail of melted chocolate fudge.

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Cream n Cookies

A classic combination of Oreo® Cookies and cream, this Shake is the best example of a chilly touch with warm after effects.

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Fanastic Fudge

Meant for all the chocoholics, Fantastic Fudge is a double toned Chocolate shake topped with Chocolate curls.

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Fully Loaded

A nutty concoction, the Fully Loaded Shake is a comforting Shake loaded with lotsa Chocolate, Kit Kat® and Nutella®.

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Rockin’ Strawberry

A shake rich with strawberries and topped with whipped cream to make it sweeter and to give you that sugary kick.

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