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  • Angel Apple Pie

  • Black Forest Blend

  • Brownie Break

  • ChocCoffeeCrazy

  • Full Moon Fantasy

  • Knight in Armor

  • Manic Monkey

  • Perfect Creation

  • Very Very Berry

  • Wonderland Magic

Knight in Armor

A Knight against gloominess, the Knight in Armor Creation is a combination of our special French Vanilla Ice Cream with Oreo® cookies, dark chocolate chips and melted chocolate fudge.

Our best seller till date!

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Manic Monkey

A frenzy of tastes, the Manic Monkey Creation is a combination of melting chocolate ice cream, nuts, dark chcolate, white chocolate and caramel (Phew!).

Technically for people who enjoy a bit of everything in life!

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Perfect Creation

A perfect combination of loyalty (French Vanilla Ice Cream), energy (Kit-Kat®), warmth (praline )and passion (hot chocolate fudge).

A perfect match made in Ice Cream Heaven, we say.

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Wonderland Magic

A carnival of sweet flavours, Wonderland Magic is served with Swiss Strawberry Ice Cream, 5-Star®, Gems® and a drizzle of rainbow sprinkles.

Alice definitely doesn’t mind getting lost in this Wonderland!

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Brownie Break

A comforting combination of loads of soft brownies, rich nuts and hot chocolate fudge.

Broken Heart, Broken bones, Ah! even the daily routine….Everyone needs a (Brownie) Break once in a while

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ChoCoffee Crazy

A dash of Coffee with hints of white chocolate accompanied with Cookies and roasted almonds.

No…we do not run a coffee house, we just mix them all up and serve a cup of ChoCoffee Crazy Creation that perks you up more than any other cup of coffee would.

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Very Very Berry

A pool of fruits created by mixing French Vanilla Ice Cream or Swiss Strawberry Ice Cream, preserved fruits like cherries, strawberries and apples and wobbly jujubes topped with rainbow coloured sprinkles.

No one minds a quick dip in this pool!

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Black Forest Blend

A classic combination of cream, cake and cherries, the Black Forest Blend reminds you of simpler and playful days.

Drift in your memory lane with this blend of French Vanilla Ice Cream, Brownies, Cherry Preserve and Dark Chocolate Chips.

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Full Moon Fantasy

Like a light at the end of the tunnel…a full moon in the dark night sky; These phrases are just a weak description of our Full Moon Fantasy in a cup.

A beautiful Creation made by mixing French Vanilla Ice Cream with white chocolate chips, crisp perk®, and dark chocolate fudge.

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Angel Apple Pie

It must’ve been an angel who inspired our Chef to create this magnificent Creation made with our special French Vanilla Ice Cream, Cookie Milano®, Apple Preserve and Cashew nuts.

Feels like Heaven inside on your tongue.

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