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Fun, it’s what we believe in.

Hokey Pokey stands for indulgence, reward, treat. At the root of our philosophy is an active belief in treating yourself to something you love and enjoy. In essence, something that “Puts a smile on your face.” We launched this brand with a goal of bringing fun back into people’s lives. When we think of ice cream, we think of our childhood with our faces and clothes splattered in ice cream. Even though our Mothers screamed at us for being messy, they couldn’t help but smile. Hokey Pokey is the essence of that smile.

Help us bring the fun back!

Hokey Pokey is a brand owned by DRUMS Food International Pvt. Ltd., established by young entrepreneurs in the year 2008 with a dream of being known as the best Ice Cream Parlour in town. Its first Ice Cream Parlour in Bandra- Mumbai was the first parlour to bring the concept of mixing Ice Creams on a Cold Stone slab which gave the customers the freedom to create their own Ice Cream Live.

Soon after its success in Bandra, DFIPL expanded to introduce this concept to a larger audience by setting up parlours in other parts of Mumbai and cities like Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat and Bangalore. DFIPL is now the only Ice Cream Parlour Company with 14 company owned outlets.

DFIPL manufactures its own Ice Cream in a pure Vegetarian Production Unit located at Kurla West- Mumbai, with a pure intention of creating the highest quality products governed by stringent policies and standards.